There Will Be No Miracles Here

Edinburgh, 2015

The images in There Will Be No Miracles Here were taken while visiting a friend in Edinburgh. We were suppose to spend the Christmas holidays together, I was told I'd inspired her to make the move across continents.
We met up on my arrival at her work. We spent two days together out of the sixteen I was there. From time to time, I contemplate why I was invited and, ultimately, the purpose of the trip. We no longer talk and to this day, I have never felt so uncomfortable and unwanted in an apartment.
This project is the culmination and embodiment of these feelings of anxiety, contemplation and alienation.

Between Thought And Expression

Lies A Lifetime

Some Kind Of Love​

Lou Reed

Welcome to where one cannot breathe. This way, space resembles what’s underneath, and Saturn holds the wreath.

Song of Welcome

Joseph Brodksy

Here’s your afterlife, with no trace of you, especially of your face. Welcome, and call it space.