Lost Love Longing

England, Portugal, Sweden, Canada, Greece, 2022-23

Lost Love Longing.

I read somewhere that baptisms are irreversible, can certain states of being or of the mind be felt or pressed upon on a life in much the same irreversible way?

If this state of being were to be undone,

would it be a journey inwards or outwards?

What would this inward journey look like?

Would it run parallel to Orpheus's journey out of the underworld or rather more like Sisyphus's never-ending climb to the top of a mountain?

If each individual journey is experienced as something uncommunicable or untranslatable to another, can a short set of images do justice to something that cannot be put into words ?

''Today we are the dead among the dead, and this is an agon for the dead, a chronicle for the living. There is no other way to put it. There is a correspondence between the present, this numbness, inertia, and that past reality of death, whose meaning is symbolic, mythical, but real...''

The Black Book

Lawrence Durrell