Sturdies Bay, Tofino, Vancouver, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Aaron invited me to couch surf for two months before I moved to Sweden. I had little money and so nearly everyday I would get leftover sandwiches and soup from his job at a local sandwich shop, one which, in 2023 no longer exists.

I would sleep on his pull-out couch most nights and at least two-three times a week wake up early in order to catch the sunrise at the nearby beach.

We discussed art and read Murakami IQ84 in three days under a glowing summer sun.

I was rarely on the phone and spent large portions of time just walking around the city.

Asocialswell is a play on words. Asocial meaning anti-social, but a social swell meaning a growth in friendship. It's to be read in either direction or as co-exisiting simultaneously by the viewer.

“Authorship, after all, is not only what is created but also what is selected.”

Teju Cole